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          All students at St Saviour’s & St Olave’s are offered the chance to participate in at least one residential trip during their time with us, with many students taking in part in more. These trips both here and abroad provide the students with experiences which may stick with them for life! We are very proud of the breadth of destinations both staff and students have visited, a snapshot of which can be seen below.


          • 老贝利
          • 中庙
          • 辩论
          • 年轻的消费者
          • 狮子心
          • 职业展览会
          • 考试会议
          • 进入大学访问
          • 谷歌总公司
          • 青少年科技城
          • 在城市的数学
          • 滑翔
          • 英国电影学院
          • 坎特伯雷大教堂
          • 一般投资银行
          • 梅斯建设
          • 尼康学校
          • H&SC hospital visits
          • 自治市市场
          • 时间公司
          • 学校的律师
          • Auschwitz.
          • ypres.
          • 爱丁堡公爵
          • Woburn Safari Park


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