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          St. Saviour’s & St. Olave’s School was founded as a grammar school for girls in 1903. It belongs to the St. Olave’s & St. Saviour’s Schools Foundation, which can trace its history back through four centuries to the time of Queen Elizabeth I. Two ancient grammar schools, the St.Saviour’s Grammar School, which was granted a Charter by Queen Elizabeth in 1562, and St. Olave’s Grammar School, which received its Charter in 1571, were among several educational institutions supported and financed by the voluntary efforts of the citizens of Southwark and finally amalgamated in 1899 into the present Foundation.

          学校于1903年1月26日首次开业,位于圣路易斯的房屋的八十四名女孩。约翰的小学。该建筑完成并由其皇家殿下(之后乔治·瓦和女王玛丽)于3月14日,作为学校生日的日期,在南威克大教堂的纪念和感恩节中标记为学校生日,并在南威克大教堂服务。 HM女王伊利兹巴特二世委员会在2003年加冕了我们的百年庆典。

          St. Saviour’s & St Olave’s is a Voluntary Aided School. The Governors own the buildings and are responsible for their general repair and maintenance.


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